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Saturday, November 28th only,     1pm to 4pm !


....come visit, browse and shop !

...visit us and enjoy many unique exhibits in our

KERR HOUSE MUSEUM, or visit the new ALEXANDER V' RESEARCH CENTER for your genealogy interests !

click below for photo slideshow....


Saturday, November 28, between 1 and 4 pm -  Shown are Board members Susan Williams and Gwen Fox pictured with just a few of many, interesting historical referance books available for sale at the Clearfield County Historical Society, 'Kerr House' Museum, 104 E. Pine St.

A Center for History & Learning about Clearfield County, PA.....

We invite you to explore the origins and diversity of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania and its people.


Here you can conduct research, browse our wealth of exhibits and publications, and join us in preserving and understanding our heritage as a diverse and dynamic people throughout the years.


This growing Society, a completely volunteer organization, is dedicated to the preservation of the history and memories of Clearfield County.


Our mission is maintaining and preserving records, elements, data and artifacts regarding Clearfield County's creation, origination, development and the memory of individuals responsible for its proliferation.


You can be involved as a Society Member, a volunteer, a promoter, a researcher, a financial and /or volunteer supporter in keeping the history and lore of Clearfield County alive.


Hopefully, this web presentation will stir your interest to visit our museums, research your ancestors or simply provide information you find significant and interesting!


We can be reached in person, by phone or mail ….whichever method you choose.


This Historical Society and you!

The Clearfield County Historical Society is established for the expressed purpose of preserving the history, memories, artifacts and genealogy of Clearfield County and it's residents.


A non-profit, volunteer society, whose members and leaders are dedicated to maintaining the facts, culture and records of county ancestors who provided the fundamental, economic and detailed structure effecting our presence within Pennsylvania.


This web site and contents are intended to bring you closer to this significant history, giving you opportunities to participate in and with the Society and its future. It is a 'work in progress' as developments occur, resources are discovered and events become scheduled. 


You are invited to be involved in the many facets and efforts necessary to carry out the missions of this Society and the memberships goals!


As you browse the pages of this informational web site, imagine yourself, your ideas, your talents assisting the dedicated volunteers to enjoy our illustrious past.


There are plenty of links, phone numbers, addresses for you to use in making contact to express your particular interests in this regard, don't hesitate.......

     Come as fast as you can to become an involved member!



    Sincerely, the Board, Officers and all Members of this group. 


FIND US...Click the tags on this map for Museum locations ...


Clearfield County Historical Society

   511 Van Valzah Ave.
   Clearfield, PA 16830

Phone: 814-765-6125 for a brief recording... then leave your message after the beep.

"Bloody Knox" Cabin 

Be sure to visit our Fall Festival on Sunday, October 11, 2015... click image for details......




 104 E. Pine St,

  Clearfield, PA 16830




  511 Van Valzah Ave.

  Clearfield, PA  16830



3. 'Bloody Knox' Cabin MUSEUM

Route #453,

Village of Kelleytown

(Madera, PA 16661)

    Our Clearfield Museum and Research Center are open Thursday & Sunday afternoons from 1:30pm to 4:00pm ... you plan your visits weekly  through the summer months.



Courtesy guided tours of our Museum and the 'Bloody Knox' Cabin can be arrainged year round...
phone 814-765-6125 


Keep current by visiting this web site for updated information.

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