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Here is what happened at 'Bloody Knox'in 1864....over 150 years ago!

151th Anniversary of Bloody Knox
  By Scott Kolesar

    It doesn't seem all that long ago there were a busy few months in the small town of Kellyown, Knox Township, Clearfield County. But as most of us know and realize 2015 marks the 11th anniversary of the rebuilding of the Bloody Knox cabin and the 151ft anniversary of the Bloody Knox conflict.
    Tom Adams built the original log cabin in Kellyown, 1861. He lived there with his wife, son and daughter. Adams enlisted in 1862 and deserted from the 149th Bucktails in 1863.
    A party was held by known deserters in the cabin in December 1864. Soldiers were tipped off and marched to Kellytown to make arrests. Troops marched from Philipsburg, and on the night of December 13, 1864, the Union Army surrounded Adams' cabin. The troops requested the surrender of deserters and draft dodgers. Adams fired and killed Union Soldier Edgar Reed of New Hampshire. Shots were then fired, killing Adams in the yard.
The Bloody Knox saga is only a small glimpse into what went on all over the nation during this time of war between the states. Opinions about desertion and of those who deserted differ drastically. Deserters found that Clearfield County was a good place to 'hide out". They came here for a lot of different reasons; they were sick, injured, had fear of battle and dying or they just wanted to come back to their families.


This is a brief outline of what happened in Knox Township, according to Richard Hughes of Clearfield.

"Thomas Adams, a deserter from Co. B, 149th, Pennsylvania Volunteers, was killed at his home in Knox Township on the 13th day of December 1864. Captain Southward, in command of the detail of 31 men of the 16th V.R.C., came to the house at about midnight on the above date, there being a dance held that night at the Adams home.
"When the house was surrounded, Adams ran upstairs, took a musket from under a bed and fired through a window killing a soldier named Reed. He then threw the musket down, picked up a double barrel shotgun and fired two more shots through the window.
"Adams then dropped the shotgun and picked up the musket, knocked the end out of the house next to the barn, then knocked the other end out, threw down the gun and jumped out at the end he first knocked out.
"When Adams got to the ground, he was halted by the soldiers and when he didn't stop was shot by a soldier named Blair.
"Nineteen deserters and some civilians were captured by the soldiers who took them to Philipsburg along with the 32 revolvers owned by the deserters."
Hughes said the log cabin where the event occurred was built in 1861.


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